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FRANCES KOZIAR is predominantly a novelist and short fiction writer of the contemporary fiction, high fantasy, and young adult genres, though she also publishes nonfiction and poetry. Her first novel, "The War of the Shard", was nominated for iUniverse's Editor's Choice Award, and she is seeking an agent for her second and third: both very diverse NA high fantasy novels.

She is a young (disabled) retiree with a background in academic anthropology and archaeology, a social justice advocate, and a past microfiction editor. She lives in Kingston, Ontario, Canada.



Nonfiction (prose) is published under a penname.



-- Upcoming "The Sea of Grass", Magical Realism, 400w (for republication). 2020 in Abstract: Contemporary Expressions [Free access]

-- Upcoming "The Kahia", Anthropological Fiction, 2630w. Summer 2020 in Qwerty, Ecology issue[Paid access, print]

-- Upcoming "The Years of My Life", Contemporary, 1320w. 2020 in Evening Street Press. [Free Access]

-- Upcoming "The Cabin", Snow White retelling, 8000w. June 2020 in Scarlet Leaf Review. [Free access] 

-- "Cast Away", Contemporary, 60w. Published April 2020 in Centifictionist. [Free access]

-- "Diagnosis", Nanofiction (twitter-fiction). Published February 2020 in Nanoism. [Free access]

-- "The Wishing Tree", Sci-Fi/Fantasy, 200w, and "The Photograph", Contemporary, 100w. Published January 2020 in Breath and Shadow. [Free Access]


-- Upcoming "The Man with the Shirt". 2020 in Fearsome Critters 

-- Upcoming "Moonchild", "Death", and "Toys". 2020 in Thin Air Magazine. [Free access]

-- Upcoming "Life". June 2020 in Stonecrop [Free access]

-- "Before You" and "Moments". Published May 2020 in DASH [Paid access]

-- "It is a Gift". Published May 2020 in Open Minds Quarterly [Paid access] 

-- "This City: Our Home" (fantasy). Published May 2020 in Silver Blade, Issue 46 [Free access]

-- "Circling”. Published May 2020 in Spadina Literary Review, Issue 37 [Free access]

-- "Silence". Published March 2020 in Dime Show Review [Free access]

--"Stardust”. Published March 2020 in Roanoke Review [Free access]

--"Gratitude". Published February 2020 in Acta Victoriana, issue 144.1. [Paid access]

-- "The Lost” and “Escape”. Published January 2020 in Shot Glass Journal, Issue 30. [Free access]


-- "Protected", Magical Realism, 300w. Published August 2019 in Panoplyzine, Issue 13. [Free Access]

-- "The Light", YA fiction, 500w. Published April 2019 in DASH Literary Journal. [Paid access, print]

-- "To Be an Aclla" , Historical Fiction (Inca), 1400w. Published March 2019 in Copperfield Review. [Free access]

-- "The Polovokai", Sci-Fi/Fantasy (Dangerous Cultures series part 3/3), 800w. Published February 2019 in Litro Online. [Free access]

-- "Survivor", 10-word story. Published February 2019 in Dime Show Review. [Free access]

-- "I am I", Anthropological Fiction, 500w. Published February 2019 in Dodging the Rain. [Free access]


-- "Unexpected Solitude". Published December 2019 in Brushfire, 72:1. [Free access]

-- "A Conversation" and "Beside Me". Published December 2019 in Dodging the Rain. [Free access]

-- "Darkness and Dreams” and “Phantoms and Relics”. Published November 2019 in Poetry Pacific. [Free access]

-- "The Pond". Published September 2019 in Snapdragon, Issue 5.3 (broken/whole). [paid access]

-- "Cinderella’s Shoes” and “Fireflies”. Published February 2019 in Shot Glass Journal, Issue 27. [Free access]

OLDER FICTION (2012-2018)

-- "The Storm", Contemporary Fiction, 2000w. Published October 2018 in The Passed Note, Issue 8. [Free access]

-- "The Filira", Sci-Fi/Fantasy (Dangerous Cultures series part 2/3), 800w. Published September 2018 in Dragon Poet Review, Summer/Fall Issue, pp. 118-119. [Free access]

-- "Cinderella's Hope", Cinderella Retelling/Historical, 15 000w. Published May 2018 in Scarlet Leaf Review. [Free access]

Note: This link keeps changing -- if it brings up a blank page, try adding one to the number in it (e.g. if it says short-stories31, try short-stories32 or 33)

-- "The Karakari", Fantasy (Dangerous Cultures series part 1/3), 700w. Published March 2018 in Gathering Storm Magazine. [Paid access, print]

-- "Hope", Contemporary Fiction, 1300w. Published October 2016 in Romance Magazine, vol. 4, no.9. [Paid access, print]

-- "Foster Kid", YA Contemporary, 7000w. Published March 2016 in Yarn Review. [Free access]

-- "The Sea of Grass”, Magical Realism, 400w. Published in Spring’s Gentle Rain (Anthology by the Poetry Institute of Canada). Award of Excellence. [Paid access, print]

-- "The Gate”, Dark Fantasy, 2000w. Published in 2014 in Romance Magazine, vol.2, no.7. [Paid access, print…discontinued?]


-- The War of the Shard, Teen High Fantasy Novel. Published in 2012 by iUniverse. Editor’s Choice Award Nominee. [Free preview]

OLDER POETRY (2014-2018)

-- "Once”, “When I Loved Her”, and “Sapphire”. Published December 2018 in Voice of Eve, Issue 5. [Free access]

-- "Paint”. Published January 2017 in Breath and Shadow. [Free access]

-- "Lost”. Published January 2016 in The Tracery of Trees, Anthology by the Poetry Institute of Canada. Award of Excellence. [Paid access, print]

-- "Rain" and "Darkness Falling”. Published July 2015 in Axil Art Magazine. [Free access]

-- "Tomorrow" and "True to Him”. Published in 2014 in Axil Art Magazine. [Free access]


-- Interview. March 2020 in Centifictionist. [Free access]

-- 5 Photos. Published July 2015 in Axil Art Magazine. [Free access]



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