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Each story has the length, genre, and a theme word (e.g. loss, trauma) in brackets to help you choose where to start! Conversely, they are in reverse chronological order with most recent and upcoming publications first.

Some author favourites (use Ctrl-F to find them below): "Spirit Hunters"; "Sacrifice"; "The Lights of Passing"; "Three Deaths and a Life"; "Diagnosis"; "The Wishing Tree"; "To be an Aclla"; and "Cinderella's Hope".

Note that publications that are no longer available for viewing/purchase can be read under the "Re-Publications" tab.

Fiction: Recent Articles


​-- Upcoming "Broken Things", Contemporary Fiction (grief), 590w. Coming September 2024 in Blank Spaces

​-- Upcoming "Fallen", Contemporary Fiction (poverty), 190w. Coming March 2024 in Blank Spaces


-- Upcoming "Regrets" (relationships), Contemporary Fiction (relationships), 100w. Coming December 2023 in Nunum's "Done in 100" Anthology.

-- Upcoming "The Piper", Fairy Tale Rewrite (The Pied Piper of Hamelin), 2900w. Coming 2023 in Pumpernickel Press. 

-- Upcoming "Finding Love", 1660w, Literary High Fantasy (life choices). Coming December 2023 in All World's Wayfarer, Issue 17.

-- "In Time", Contemporary Fiction (grief), 350w). Published November 2023 in The Seraphic Review. [Free access]

-- "One Day", Literary High Fantasy (senior romance), 1720w. Published July 2023 in Future Fire. [Free access]

-- "The Forest", Contemporary YA, (abuse), 600w. Published July 2023 in Litro. [Free access]

-- "A Different Year", Contemporary Fiction (poverty), 190w. Published May 2023 in Panoplyzine, Issue 24. [Free access]

-- "Non-Intensive Care", Contemporary Fiction (healing childhood trauma), 360w. Published February 2023 in The Lindenwood Review, Vol. 1, Issue 13. [Free access]

-- "Broken Love", Nanofiction (twitter fiction). Published February 2023 in Nanoism. [Free access]

-- "Ask Me Why", Thriller (serial killer), 240w. Published January 2023 in Wrong Turn Lit. [Free access]

-- "Spirit Hunters", High Fantasy (childhood trauma), 11,500w. Published January 2023 in Bards and Sages Quarterly. [Paid access]


-- "Passing By", Contemporary Fiction (classism), 820w. Published December 2022 in Flash Fiction Magazine. [Free access]

-- "One-Way Words", NA Contemporary (grief), 200w. Published December 2022 in Compass Rose. [Free access]

-- "Giant Country", High Fantasy (adventure), 2370w. Published November 2022 in Haven Spec Magazine. [Free access]

-- "Father's Day", Contemporary Fiction (trauma healing), 1360w. [Note: They dropped the trigger warning, but this piece includes reflections on substantial physical child abuse] Published November 2022 in HeartWood Literary Magazine. [Free access]

-- "Back Again", Contemporary Fiction (loss of a child), 390w. Published October 2022 in Flash Fiction Magazine [Free access]

-- "Needing Care", Contemporary Fiction, 101w. Published September 2022 in 101 Words Magazine. [Free access]

-- "Without Her", Dark Sci-Fi/Horror (grief), 480w. Published August 2022 in 365 Tomorrows. [Free access]

-- "For Esnan", High Fantasy (loss, oppression), 3280w. Published June 2022 in the (queer speculative) anthology Prismatic Dreams, by All Worlds Wayfarer. [Paid access]

-- "Flipped", gender-reversed (hetero) Romance, 3860w. Published April 2022 in Flare: The Flagler Review, "Spring 2022" Issue. [Paid access]

-- "Finding Dad" (Contemporary Fiction, 2100w), "Admirer" (Contemporary Thriller, 1340w), and "The Monster" (Horror, 350w). April 2022 in Cardinal Sins. [Paid access] (link pending)

-- "By the Creek", YA/NA Contemporary Fiction, 4400w. Published April 2022 in Jenny. [Free access]

-- "Dreaming Beauty", retelling of the end of Sleeping Beauty (adult fantasy), 4380w. Published 2022 in Miracle Monocle [Free access]

-- "Sacrifice", Historical Fiction (Aztec child sacrifice), 5660w. Published February 2022 in White Wall Review. [Free access]

(Note: they dropped my bio here, but this was based on research from my master's thesis where I specialized in Aztec human sacrifice.)

-- "Wishes", High Fantasy (loss), 310w. Published January 2022 in Breath and Shadow. [Free access]

-- "The Lights of Passing", High Fantasy (funeral), 2040w. Published January 2022 in Orca, Issue 9. [Free access]


-- "Three Deaths and a Life", High Fantasy (meaning of life), 3520w. Published December 2021 in All Worlds Wayfarer, issue 11. [Temporary Free access]

-- "Hero", High Fantasy (ageing), 1130w. Published December 2021 in Daily Science Fiction. [Free access]

-- "Dinner", YA Contemporary (abuse), 580w. Published November 2021 in The Helix. [Free access]

-- "Hard Years", Nanofiction (twitter fiction). Published November 2021 in Nanoism. [Free access]

-- "Lost to the Dark", High Fantasy (trauma, captivity), 4000w. Published November 2021 in Wyldblood, Issue 6. [Paid access]

-- "Anniversaries", Contemporary Fiction, 95w (loss). Published August 2021 in The Aurora Journal. [Free access]

-- "Circles of Return", dark contemporary, 1820w (depression, oppression). Published July-ish 2021 in Sheepshead Review, Summer issue [Free access]

-- "Dust", Contemporary Fiction (regret), 90w. Published July 2021 in Microfiction Monday Magazine [Free access]

-- "Werewolves", Dark Contemporary (sexual assault trauma), 360w. Published June 2021 in Flare, Issue 5 [Free access]

-- "Water", Dark Contemporary (trauma), 1140w. Published May 2021 in Coffin Bell, Issue 4.2 [Free access]

-- "Flame in the Night", Historical Fiction (Aztec), 1700w. Published March 2021 in Wild Roof Journal, Issue 7. [Free access]


-- "Unchained", Contemporary (kidnapping), 7500w. Published November 2020 in Scarlet Leaf Review. [Free access]

​The link keeps changing on this site: if it brings up a blank page beneath the website header, try adding one to the number in it (e.g. short-stories41 or short-stories41)

-- "The Years of My Life", Contemporary (terminal illness), 1320w. Published October 2020 in Evening Street Press, Issue 26. [Print, paid access]

-- "The Sea of Grass", Magical Realism (surreal), 400w. [Republication]

     - October 2020 in Fresh Ink [free access]

     - November 2021 in Abstract: Contemporary Expressions [Free access]

-- "Unwanted", Contemporary (foster kid), 100w. Published August 2020 in Fabula Argentea, Issue 31. [Free access]

-- "One Way or the Other", Contemporary (kidnapping, Stockholm Syndrome), 270w. Published August 2020 in Bookends Review [Free access]

-- "Ace", Contemporary (ace) Romance, 1210w. Published August 2020 in LitroNY Online [Free access]

-- "The Kahia", Anthropological Fiction (rite of passage), 2630w. Published August 2020 in Qwerty, Issue 41 (Ecology issue)[Paid access, print]

-- "The Cabin", Snow White retelling (social justice), 8000w. Published May 2020 in Scarlet Leaf Review. [Free access]

The link keeps changing on this site: if it brings up a blank page beneath the website header, try adding one to the number in it (e.g. short-stories11 or short-stories12)

-- "Cast Away", Contemporary (queer-phobia), 60w. Published April 2020 in Centifictionist. [Free access]

-- "Diagnosis", Nanofiction (twitter-fiction). Published February 2020 in Nanoism. [Free access]

-- "The Wishing Tree", Sci-Fi/Fantasy (end of the world), 200w, and "The Photograph" (trauma), Contemporary, 100w. Published January 2020 in Breath and Shadow. [Free Access]


-- "Protected", Magical Realism (child abuse), 300w. Published August 2019 in Panoplyzine, Issue 13. [Free Access]

-- "The Light", YA fiction (abusive parents), 500w. Published April 2019 in DASH Literary Journal. [Print but no longer available. See "Print Re-Publications" tab for story]

-- "To Be an Aclla" , Historical Fiction (Inca), 1400w. Published March 2019 in Copperfield Review. [Free access]

-- "The Polovokai", Sci-Fi/Fantasy (Dangerous Cultures series part 3/3), 800w. Published February 2019 in Litro Online. [Free access]

-- "Survivor", 10-word story. Published February 2019 in Dime Show Review. [Free access]

-- "I am I", Anthropological Fiction (personhood), 500w. Published February 2019 in Dodging the Rain. [Free access]

OLDER FICTION (2012-2018)

-- "The Storm" (trauma, c-PTSD), Contemporary Fiction, 2000w. Published October 2018 in The Passed Note, Issue 8. No longer available on their website - go to the Republications Tab

-- "The Filira", Sci-Fi/Fantasy (Dangerous Cultures series part 2/3), 800w. Published September 2018 in Dragon Poet Review, Summer/Fall Issue, pp. 118-119. [Free access]

-- "Cinderella's Hope", Cinderella Retelling/Historical, 15 000w. Published May 2018 in Scarlet Leaf Review. [Free access]

Note: This link keeps changing -- if it brings up a blank page beneath the website header, try adding one to the number in it (e.g. short-stories44 or 45)

-- "The Karakari", Fantasy (Dangerous Cultures series part 1/3), 700w. Published March 2018 in Gathering Storm Magazine. [Paid access, print]

-- "Hope", Contemporary Fiction (abusive relationships), 1300w. Published October 2016 in Romance Magazine, vol. 4, no.9. [Paid access, print]

-- "Foster Kid", YA Contemporary, 7000w. Published March 2016 in Yarn Review. No longer available on their website - go to the Republications​ Tab

-- "The Sea of Grass”, Magical Realism (surreal), 400w. Published in Spring’s Gentle Rain anthology by the Poetry Institute of Canada. Award of Excellence. [Print; No longer available, but republished in 2020 (see 2020 Fiction)]

-- "The Gate”, Dark Fantasy (grief), 2000w. Published in 2014 in Romance Magazine, vol.2, no.7. [Print but no longer available: See "Print Re-Publications" tab for full story.]

Fiction: Pro Gallery
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