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Print publications that are no longer available for viewing/purchase can be read under the "Print Re-Publications" tab.

Some author favourites: "Sacrifice"; "The Lights of Passing"; "Three Deaths and a Life"; "Diagnosis"; "The Wishing Tree"; "To be an Aclla"; "Cinderella's Hope".



-- Upcoming "Back Again", Contemporary Fiction (loss of a child), 390w. Coming August/September 2022 in Flash Fiction Magazine [Free access]

-- Upcoming "Flipped", gender-reversed (hetero) Romance, 3860w. 2022 in Flare: The Flagler Review.

-- Upcoming "Finding Dad" (Contemporary Fiction, 2100w), "Admirer" (Contemporary Thriller, 1340w), and "The Monster" (Horror, 350w). Coming June 2022 in Cardinal Sins.

-- "For Esnan", High Fantasy (loss, oppression), 3280w. Published June 2022 in the (queer speculative) anthology Prismatic Dreams, by All Worlds Wayfarer. [Paid access]

-- "By the Creek", YA/NA Contemporary Fiction, 4400w. Published April 2022 in Jenny. [Free access]

-- "Dreaming Beauty", retelling of the end of Sleeping Beauty (adult fantasy), 4380w. Published 2022 in Miracle Monocle [Free access]

-- "Sacrifice", Historical Fiction (Aztec child sacrifice), 5660w. Published February 2022 in White Wall Review. [Free access]

(Note: they dropped my bio here, but this was based on research from my master's thesis where I specialized in Aztec human sacrifice.)

-- "Wishes", High Fantasy (loss), 310w. Published January 2022 in Breath and Shadow. [Free access]

-- "The Lights of Passing", High Fantasy (funeral), 2040w. Published January 2022 in Orca, Issue 9. [Free access]


-- "Three Deaths and a Life", High Fantasy (meaning of life), 3520w. Published December 2021 in All Worlds Wayfarer, issue 11. [Temporary Free access]

-- "Hero", High Fantasy (ageing), 1130w. Published December 2021 in Daily Science Fiction. [Free access]

-- "Dinner", YA Contemporary (abuse), 580w. Published November 2021 in The Helix. [Free access]

-- "Hard Years", Nanofiction (twitter fiction). Published November 2021 in Nanoism. [Free access]

-- "Lost to the Dark", High Fantasy (trauma, captivity), 4000w. Published November 2021 in Wyldblood, Issue 6. [Paid access]

-- "Anniversaries", Contemporary Fiction, 95w (loss). Published August 2021 in The Aurora Journal. [Free access]

-- "Circles of Return", dark contemporary, 1820w (depression, oppression). Published July-ish 2021 in Sheepshead Review, Summer issue [Free access]

-- "Dust", Contemporary Fiction (regret), 90w. Published July 2021 in Microfiction Monday Magazine [Free access]

-- "Werewolves", Dark Contemporary (sexual assault trauma), 360w. Published June 2021 in Flare, Issue 5 [Free access]

-- "Water", Dark Contemporary (trauma), 1140w. Published May 2021 in Coffin Bell, Issue 4.2 [Free access]

-- "Flame in the Night", Historical Fiction (Aztec), 1700w. Published March 2021 in Wild Roof Journal, Issue 7. [Free access]


-- "Unchained", Contemporary (kidnapping), 7500w. Published November 2020 in Scarlet Leaf Review. [Free access]

​The link keeps changing on this site: if it brings up a blank page beneath the website header, try adding one to the number in it (e.g. short-stories41 or short-stories41)

-- "The Years of My Life", Contemporary (terminal illness), 1320w. Published October 2020 in Evening Street Press, Issue 26. [Print, paid access]

-- "The Sea of Grass", Magical Realism (surreal), 400w. [Republication]

     - October 2020 in Fresh Ink [free access]

     - November 2021 in Abstract: Contemporary Expressions [Free access]

-- "Unwanted", Contemporary (foster kid), 100w. Published August 2020 in Fabula Argentea, Issue 31. [Free access]

-- "One Way or the Other", Contemporary (kidnapping, Stockholm Syndrome), 270w. Published August 2020 in Bookends Review [Free access]

-- "Ace", Contemporary (ace) Romance, 1210w. Published August 2020 in LitroNY Online [Free access]

-- "The Kahia", Anthropological Fiction (rite of passage), 2630w. Published August 2020 in Qwerty, Issue 41 (Ecology issue)[Paid access, print]

-- "The Cabin", Snow White retelling (social justice), 8000w. Published May 2020 in Scarlet Leaf Review. [Free access]

The link keeps changing on this site: if it brings up a blank page beneath the website header, try adding one to the number in it (e.g. short-stories11 or short-stories12)

-- "Cast Away", Contemporary (queer-phobia), 60w. Published April 2020 in Centifictionist. [Free access]

-- "Diagnosis", Nanofiction (twitter-fiction). Published February 2020 in Nanoism. [Free access]

-- "The Wishing Tree", Sci-Fi/Fantasy (end of the world), 200w, and "The Photograph" (trauma), Contemporary, 100w. Published January 2020 in Breath and Shadow. [Free Access]


-- "Protected", Magical Realism (child abuse), 300w. Published August 2019 in Panoplyzine, Issue 13. [Free Access]

-- "The Light", YA fiction (abusive parents), 500w. Published April 2019 in DASH Literary Journal. [Print but no longer available. See "Print Re-Publications" tab for story]

-- "To Be an Aclla" , Historical Fiction (Inca), 1400w. Published March 2019 in Copperfield Review. [Free access]

-- "The Polovokai", Sci-Fi/Fantasy (Dangerous Cultures series part 3/3), 800w. Published February 2019 in Litro Online. [Free access]

-- "Survivor", 10-word story. Published February 2019 in Dime Show Review. [Free access]

-- "I am I", Anthropological Fiction (personhood), 500w. Published February 2019 in Dodging the Rain. [Free access]

OLDER FICTION (2012-2018)

-- "The Storm" (trauma, c-PTSD), Contemporary Fiction, 2000w. Published October 2018 in The Passed Note, Issue 8. [Free access]

-- "The Filira", Sci-Fi/Fantasy (Dangerous Cultures series part 2/3), 800w. Published September 2018 in Dragon Poet Review, Summer/Fall Issue, pp. 118-119. [Free access]

-- "Cinderella's Hope", Cinderella Retelling/Historical, 15 000w. Published May 2018 in Scarlet Leaf Review. [Free access]

Note: This link keeps changing -- if it brings up a blank page beneath the website header, try adding one to the number in it (e.g. short-stories44 or 45)

-- "The Karakari", Fantasy (Dangerous Cultures series part 1/3), 700w. Published March 2018 in Gathering Storm Magazine. [Paid access, print]

-- "Hope", Contemporary Fiction (abusive relationships), 1300w. Published October 2016 in Romance Magazine, vol. 4, no.9. [Paid access, print]

-- "Foster Kid", YA Contemporary, 7000w. Published March 2016 in Yarn Review. [Free access]

-- "The Sea of Grass”, Magical Realism (surreal), 400w. Published in Spring’s Gentle Rain anthology by the Poetry Institute of Canada. Award of Excellence. [Print; No longer available, but republished in 2020 (see 2020 Fiction)]

-- "The Gate”, Dark Fantasy (grief), 2000w. Published in 2014 in Romance Magazine, vol.2, no.7. [Print but no longer available: See "Print Re-Publications" tab for full story.]