Published Poetry by Frances Koziar

Poems are ordered in reverse chronological order with "Upcoming" poems at the top, and all have their main theme in brackets to help you choose what to read.

Some author favourites: "The Assaulted"; "Sister"; "Caring"; "When People Fall from the Sky"; "By Train"; and "Life".



-- Upcoming "Imbalance" (oppression), and "On the Way to Justice" (social justice work). Coming 2022ish in Rock & Sling.

-- Upcoming "Christmas Dinner" (blessing). Coming December 2022 in Pinhole Poetry.

-- Upcoming "Reputation" (sexual assault trauma). Coming December 2022 in Writer's Resist.

-- Upcoming "Wandering Still" (depression), "A Summer Road" (life), "The Tower" (depression), "A Summer's Day" (loss), and "Growing Up" (depression). Coming November 2022 in Roi Fainéant Press.

-- Upcoming "Deep Blue" (surreal). Coming November 2022 in Rathalla Review.

-- Upcoming "Mapping Love with Increasing Uncertainty" (love). Coming November 2022 in Breathe Bold.

-- "Reaching Out" (connection) and "The Other Side" (abusive relationships). Published September 2022 in Dreamers Magazine. [Free access] https://www.dreamerswriting.com/Frances-Koziar/

-- "Home" (cultural memories), "Scars" (trauma), and "With Love from Those Who Were Already Traumatized" (pandemic). Published July 2022 in Morning Fruit Magazine. [no longer available - see republications tab.]

-- "Sister" (loss). Published April 2022 in Boats Against the Current. [Free access] https://boatsagainstthecurrent.org/poetry/sister-by-frances-koziar

-- "The Assaulted" (sexism, empowerment). Published April 2022 in The South Shore Review [Free access] https://southshorereview.ca/poetry/the-assaulted/

-- "Absent" (grief). Published March 2022 in Invisible City [Free access] https://www.invisiblecitylit.com/poetry/absent/

-- "The Price" (abusive relationships) and "After" (death). Published March 2022 in The Fib Review. [Free access] http://www.musepiepress.com/fibreview/frances_koziar1.html


-- "Between the Lines of History" (gay history, Aztec). Published December 2021 in Poetry South, Issue 13. [Paid access] https://web1.muw.edu/poetrysouth/archive

-- "Ableist" (ableism). Published December 2021 in Vallum: Contemporary Poetry. [Free access] https://vallummag.com/frances-koziar-ableist/

-- "In Response to the Literary Magazine that Wanted More Privilege" (classism). Published November 2021 in Sutterville Review [Paid access]

-- "Hurricane" (sexism, trauma) and "Help" (childhood trauma). September 2021 in decomP. [Free access] https://decompjournal.com/issue-3-poetry

-- "Caring" (caretaking, life partner) and "Senses" (cultural difference). Published August 2021 in Catchwater Magazine, Issue 2. [Free access] https://www.catchwatermagazine.com/issue-2-junk

-- "Buried" (isms), "Parting" (grief), "Alabaster" (child's death), "Morning" (humour). Published July 2021 in The Fib Review, Issue 39 [Free access] http://www.musepiepress.com/fibreview/archives.html

-- "Daughters" (death of a child). Published June 2021 in Straylight [Free access] https://straylightmag.com/poetry-daughters/

-- "Voices in the Quiet" (depression) and "The World Has No Interest in Great Love Stories" (loss). Published June 2021 in Shot Glass Journal, Issue 34. [Free access] http://www.musepiepress.com/shotglass/frances_koziar1.html

-- "When People Fall From the Sky" (poverty, pandemic). Published February 2021 in Acta Victoriana, Issue 145.1 [Free access] https://issuu.com/actavictoriana/docs/av145.1_full_final_compressed_-1

(Note: The end of the poem was accidentally moved to pg. 25, starting with "your privilege")

-- "We Come Together" (poverty). Published February 2021 in So to Speak [Free access] http://sotospeakjournal.org/we-come-together/

-- "By Train" (lost love). Published January 2021 in Saint Katherine Review. [Free access] https://www.stkathreview.org/by-train/

-- "Trauma" (PTSD) and "Mirror, Mirror" (sexism). Published January 2021 in Coffin Bell, Issue 4.1. [Free access] https://coffinbell.com/volume-4-issue-no-1/


-- "Mage-born" (fantasy), "Ruins" (literal); and "Traveller" (the past). Published December 2020 in Wintermute. [Free access] http://www.wintermutelit.online/2020/12/three-poems.html

-- "The Man with the Shirt" (poverty). Published July 2020 in Fearsome Critters, Volume 3. [Free access] https://issuu.com/fearsomecritters/docs/v3_issuu

-- "Moonchild" (fantasy), "Death" (childhood trauma), and "Toys" (gender normativity). Published July 2020 in Thin Air Magazine. [Free access] https://thinairmagazine.org/2020/07/20/three-poems-by-frances-koziar/

-- "Life" (depression). Published June 2020 in Stonecrop, Issue No. 03 [Paid Access] https://stonecropmag.submittable.com/submit/85529/purchase-copies

-- "Before You" (abusive relationships) and "Moments" (grief). Published May 2020 in DASH [Print, no longer available -- see Print Republications tab]

-- "It is a Gift" (mental "illness"). Published May 2020 in Open Minds Quarterly [Paid access] https://www.openmindsquarterly.com/product-category/issues/2020-issues/ 

-- "This City: Our Home" (fantasy). Published May 2020 in Silver Blade, Issue 46 [Free access] https://www.silverblade.net/category/issue-46/issue-46-poetry/

-- "Circling” (hope). Published May 2020 in Spadina Literary Review, Issue 37 [Free access] https://www.spadinaliteraryreview.com/SR37-Cvr.html

-- "Silence" (grief). Published March 2020 in Dime Show Review [Free access] https://www.dimeshowreview.com/silence-by-frances-koziar/

--"Stardust” (grief). Published March 2020 in Roanoke Review [Free access] https://www.roanokereview.org/poetry2020/frances-koziar

--"Gratitude" (trauma). Published February 2020 in Acta Victoriana, issue 144.1. [Paid access] https://actavictoriana.ca/

-- "The Lost” (oppression) and “Escape” (nature). Published January 2020 in Shot Glass Journal, Issue 30. [Free access] http://www.musepiepress.com/shotglass/issue30/frances_koziar1.html


-- "Unexpected Solitude" (isolation). Published December 2019 in Brushfire, 72:1. [Free access] https://issuu.com/brushfire/docs/brushfire_2019_fall_finalized

-- "A Conversation" (connection) and "Beside Me" (war). Published December 2019 in Dodging the Rain. [Free access]


-- "Darkness and Dreams” (trauma) and “Phantoms and Relics” (trauma). Published November 2019 in Poetry Pacific. [Free access] https://poetrypacific.blogspot.com/2019/11/2-poems-by-frances-koziar.html

-- "The Pond" (pensive). Published September 2019 in Snapdragon, Issue 5.3 (broken/whole). [paid access]


-- "Cinderella’s Shoes” (love) and “Fireflies” (fear/fantasy). Published February 2019 in Shot Glass Journal, Issue 27. [Free access] http://www.musepiepress.com/shotglass/issue27/frances_koziar1.html

OLDER POETRY (2014-2018)

-- "Once” (social justice), “When I Loved Her” (love), and “Sapphire” (loss). Published December 2018 in Voice of Eve, Issue 5. [Free access] https://www.voiceofeve.net/issues

-- "Paint” (abusive people). Published January 2017 in Breath and Shadow. [Free access] https://www.abilitymaine.org/BS2017Winter

-- "Lost” (depression, sleep). Published January 2016 in The Tracery of Trees, Anthology by the Poetry Institute of Canada. Award of Excellence. [Print but no longer available: see "Print Re-Publications" Tab for the poem]

-- "Rain" (isolation) and "Darkness Falling” (trauma/abuse). Published July 2015 in Axil Art Magazine. [Free access] http://waxpoetryart.com/axil/contents/2015/frances_koziar2.html

-- "Tomorrow" and "True to Him”. Published in 2014 in Axil Art Magazine. [Free access] http://waxpoetryart.com/axil/issues/001/franceskoziar.html