Published Poetry by Frances Koziar

Some author favourites: "The Assaulted"; "Sister"; "Caring"; "When People Fall from the Sky"; "By Train"; "Life".



-- Upcoming "Reaching Out" (connection) and "The Other Side" (abusive relationships). Coming August 2022 in Dreamers Magazine.

-- Upcoming "Home" (cultural memories), "Scars" (trauma), and "With Love from Those Who Were Already Traumatized" (pandemic). Coming July 2022 in Morning Fruit Magazine. [Free access]

-- "Sister" (loss). Published April 2022 in Boats Against the Current. [Free access]

-- "The Assaulted" (sexism, empowerment). Published April 2022 in The South Shore Review [Free access]

-- "Absent" (grief). Published March 2022 in Invisible City [Free access]

-- "The Price" (abusive relationships) and "After" (death). Published March 2022 in The Fib Review. [Free access]


-- "Between the Lines of History" (gay history, Aztec). Published December 2021 in Poetry South. [Paid access]

-- "Ableist" (ableism). Published December 2021 in Vallum: Contemporary Poetry. [Free access]

-- "In Response to the Literary Magazine that Wanted More Privilege" (classism). Published November 2021 in Sutterville Review [Paid access]

-- "Hurricane" (sexism, trauma) and "Help" (childhood trauma). September 2021 in decomP. [Free access]

-- "Caring" (caretaking, life partner) and "Senses" (cultural difference). Published August 2021 in Catchwater Magazine, Issue 2. [Free access]

-- "Buried" (isms), "Parting" (grief), "Alabaster" (child's death), "Morning" (humour). Published July 2021 in The Fib Review, Issue 39 [Free access]

-- "Daughters" (death of a child). Published June 2021 in Straylight [Free access]

-- "Voices in the Quiet" (depression) and "The World Has No Interest in Great Love Stories" (loss). Published June 2021 in Shot Glass Journal, Issue 34. [Free access]

-- "When People Fall From the Sky" (poverty, pandemic). Published February 2021 in Acta Victoriana, Issue 145.1 [Free access]

(Note: The end of the poem was accidentally moved to pg. 25, starting with "your privilege")

-- "We Come Together" (poverty). Published February 2021 in So to Speak [Free access]

-- "By Train" (lost love). Published January 2021 in Saint Katherine Review. [Free access]

-- "Trauma" (PTSD) and "Mirror, Mirror" (sexism). Published January 2021 in Coffin Bell, Issue 4.1. [Free access]


-- "Mage-born" (fantasy), "Ruins" (literal); and "Traveller" (the past). Published December 2020 in Wintermute. [Free access]

-- "The Man with the Shirt" (poverty). Published July 2020 in Fearsome Critters, Volume 3. [Free access]

-- "Moonchild" (fantasy), "Death" (childhood trauma), and "Toys" (gender normativity). Published July 2020 in Thin Air Magazine. [Free access]

-- "Life" (depression). Published June 2020 in Stonecrop, Issue No. 03 [Paid Access]

-- "Before You" (abusive relationships) and "Moments" (grief). Published May 2020 in DASH [Print, no longer available -- see Print Republications tab]

-- "It is a Gift" (mental "illness"). Published May 2020 in Open Minds Quarterly [Paid access] 

-- "This City: Our Home" (fantasy). Published May 2020 in Silver Blade, Issue 46 [Free access]

-- "Circling” (hope). Published May 2020 in Spadina Literary Review, Issue 37 [Free access]

-- "Silence" (grief). Published March 2020 in Dime Show Review [Free access]

--"Stardust” (grief). Published March 2020 in Roanoke Review [Free access]

--"Gratitude" (trauma). Published February 2020 in Acta Victoriana, issue 144.1. [Paid access]

-- "The Lost” (oppression) and “Escape” (nature). Published January 2020 in Shot Glass Journal, Issue 30. [Free access]


-- "Unexpected Solitude" (isolation). Published December 2019 in Brushfire, 72:1. [Free access]

-- "A Conversation" (connection) and "Beside Me" (war). Published December 2019 in Dodging the Rain. [Free access]

-- "Darkness and Dreams” (trauma) and “Phantoms and Relics” (trauma). Published November 2019 in Poetry Pacific. [Free access]

-- "The Pond" (pensive). Published September 2019 in Snapdragon, Issue 5.3 (broken/whole). [paid access]

-- "Cinderella’s Shoes” (love) and “Fireflies” (fear/fantasy). Published February 2019 in Shot Glass Journal, Issue 27. [Free access]

OLDER POETRY (2014-2018)

-- "Once” (social justice), “When I Loved Her” (love), and “Sapphire” (loss). Published December 2018 in Voice of Eve, Issue 5. [Free access]

-- "Paint” (abusive people). Published January 2017 in Breath and Shadow. [Free access]

-- "Lost” (depression, sleep). Published January 2016 in The Tracery of Trees, Anthology by the Poetry Institute of Canada. Award of Excellence. [Print but no longer available: see "Print Re-Publications" Tab for the poem]

-- "Rain" (isolation) and "Darkness Falling” (trauma/abuse). Published July 2015 in Axil Art Magazine. [Free access]

-- "Tomorrow" and "True to Him”. Published in 2014 in Axil Art Magazine. [Free access]